Saturday, November 9, 2013

Visiting Victoria Memorial Hall

Hi everyone! Greetings from sunny Kolkata, India.

A few days ago we went to visit Victoria Memorial Hall, a memorial building dedicated to Queen Victoria, currently museum and tourist attraction. I must say it is quite impressive and I cannot wait to go back for their light and sound show that happens every evening. The gardens are also beautiful, apparently twenty one gardeners maintain the garden and the morning walkers have four associations. Most of the members of the morning walker associations are the rich and the famous of Kolkata.

There are some rare books in the Library which date back to the 1870s. Some of the books worth mentioning are the collection of plays by William Shakespeare and The Arabian Nights. All are exotically illustrated. Costume designers consult and refer to these books while designing for Shakespearian plays in Calcutta.

My outfit for the day included comfortable shoes, crossover bag, maxi skirt and a printed t-shirt, part of a campaign from my county of origin, Oltenia (in Romania). It reads "Fusei aici, facui asta" - "I was just here, I just did this", making reference to a specific verb tense used in our region (and nowhere else). The campaign consists in proudly wearing the t-shirt all over the world on our travels and sharing the pictures with fellow travellers from Oltenia and abroad. I thought that is kind of nice and went for it. Now I'll just have to think of cool ways of styling it since it will get remixed quite a lot. :)


 Local campaign t-shirt
 New Look skirt
 Leather bag (Sibiu producer, not branded)
Gucci sunglasses
 H&M canvas shoes
Earrings from mom
New Look bracelet & ring

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