Thursday, November 14, 2013

I'm sporty and I know it!

Skechers shoes 
Nike Dry Fit leggings
 Adidas climacool hoodie

Could not pass up the massive sale at my local outlet and came home with all these. Initially looking for a tennis skirt/pant, I ended up getting an entire outfit! Don't regret any of it though, great prices and even better quality!

I've only had Wilson garments before, but Adidas seem to be on top of their game too. I also bought the long sleeved version of this hoodie and will post it soon in another sporty outfit, if you stylish people are into that. The Nike leggings are quite flattering, but a bit tight at the leg end.

I am most happy about the skechers! They are incredibly light, comfortable and flexible. The fact that they are red doesn't hurt either. Don't tell anyone, but I'm wearing them around the house this very moment... :)

Sorry for the quality of the pictures. They are taken with phone camera, in low light, right after I got home and tried everything on. Obviously could not wait! :) I have still to go out on the tennis court or for a morning run, but I know from now on I'll be comfy and looking good while doing sports.

I have to say that Lindsey from Saucy Glossie has long inspired me to get fit and she's continuously showing how good you can look and feel in sportswear. So thank you Lindsey and keep giving a good example! Hopefully more young ladies will follow your lead.


  1. esti foarte draguta miha si arati...intr-un mod fantastic ;-)

    1. Merci! Sa nu exageram. :) Urmeaza sa fiu si in forma dupa ce folosesc echipamentul la tenis si la alergat.


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