Thursday, November 14, 2013

I'm sporty and I know it!

Skechers shoes 
Nike Dry Fit leggings
 Adidas climacool hoodie

Could not pass up the massive sale at my local outlet and came home with all these. Initially looking for a tennis skirt/pant, I ended up getting an entire outfit! Don't regret any of it though, great prices and even better quality!

I've only had Wilson garments before, but Adidas seem to be on top of their game too. I also bought the long sleeved version of this hoodie and will post it soon in another sporty outfit, if you stylish people are into that. The Nike leggings are quite flattering, but a bit tight at the leg end.

I am most happy about the skechers! They are incredibly light, comfortable and flexible. The fact that they are red doesn't hurt either. Don't tell anyone, but I'm wearing them around the house this very moment... :)

Sorry for the quality of the pictures. They are taken with phone camera, in low light, right after I got home and tried everything on. Obviously could not wait! :) I have still to go out on the tennis court or for a morning run, but I know from now on I'll be comfy and looking good while doing sports.

I have to say that Lindsey from Saucy Glossie has long inspired me to get fit and she's continuously showing how good you can look and feel in sportswear. So thank you Lindsey and keep giving a good example! Hopefully more young ladies will follow your lead.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Visiting Victoria Memorial Hall

Hi everyone! Greetings from sunny Kolkata, India.

A few days ago we went to visit Victoria Memorial Hall, a memorial building dedicated to Queen Victoria, currently museum and tourist attraction. I must say it is quite impressive and I cannot wait to go back for their light and sound show that happens every evening. The gardens are also beautiful, apparently twenty one gardeners maintain the garden and the morning walkers have four associations. Most of the members of the morning walker associations are the rich and the famous of Kolkata.

There are some rare books in the Library which date back to the 1870s. Some of the books worth mentioning are the collection of plays by William Shakespeare and The Arabian Nights. All are exotically illustrated. Costume designers consult and refer to these books while designing for Shakespearian plays in Calcutta.

My outfit for the day included comfortable shoes, crossover bag, maxi skirt and a printed t-shirt, part of a campaign from my county of origin, Oltenia (in Romania). It reads "Fusei aici, facui asta" - "I was just here, I just did this", making reference to a specific verb tense used in our region (and nowhere else). The campaign consists in proudly wearing the t-shirt all over the world on our travels and sharing the pictures with fellow travellers from Oltenia and abroad. I thought that is kind of nice and went for it. Now I'll just have to think of cool ways of styling it since it will get remixed quite a lot. :)


 Local campaign t-shirt
 New Look skirt
 Leather bag (Sibiu producer, not branded)
Gucci sunglasses
 H&M canvas shoes
Earrings from mom
New Look bracelet & ring

Monday, October 28, 2013

Autumn tones in the park

Hello, everyone! It's been a while...
I am currently in India, but I have an unpublished post from last week that I would like to show you. It involves berry colours and blue accents against the autumn backdrop of the park at home. I hope you'll enjoy!

Zara T-shirt, H&M jacket and tights, New Yorker ankle boots, skirt from Sally's Clothes (Somero, FI).

A big tanks to Angi for the pretty pictures!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Fun in the snow

Hi everyone! These photos are from a while back when we had the first snow of the season. Since it melted pretty fast, I was waiting for another one to post the be weather appropriate, you know. :) It's been around 5-6 degrees and sunny though, with cloudy days in between. Next snow fall does not look anywhere near, so you might as well see them now.

Coat: Princess, Dress: shop in Nice, FR, Boots: Leonardo, Gloves: RO local brand, Jewelry set: gift from goddaughter

Snowballs in the air!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend Snapshots - Pop-up restaurant

Ever heard of Restaurant Day? It's a day when you can open your own restaurant at home, in a park, on the beach or anywhere it is allowed. It happens worldwide on specific days. You can see more details here and here. I was lucky enough to go to one of the pop-up restaurants this week-end and it was so much fun! It is called Trattoria Alberto and it happened in someone's (rather large and nice) house. It seated 25 people in 2 rounds and the food was extremely good!

1. Freshly made focaccia
2. Focaccia and red wine
3. Pasta carbonara
4. A quick peek in the kitchen
5. Pesce e gnocchi
6. Frutta con formaggio

Buon appetito!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Autumn colours and funky sky

Hi everyone!
We've had autumn, a bit of winter and then autumn again here in Finland. This is an outfit from last week, that I didn't get to post. I wasn't planning for the apocalyptic sky, but since it was there...enjoy!

Dress - Dranella, Jacket - JPG Jean's by Gaultier, Shoes - New Yorker, Scarf - local brand

I just realized this jacket is by Gaultier...I also have the matching jeans and I believe the entire suit is vintage. I got it from a small shop in Nice, France and loved it at first sight, as it was the perfect size and jeans-corduroy fabric. The lady there was very nice too, the kind that tells you when something does not fit as it should. Can't wait to pay her a visit again!

See you soon with a winter outfit...snow might be involved! :)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Going to the ball

Hi everyone!
Today I finally managed to take some pictures of the "Audrey" dress. I found it at a thrift fair in Salo, Finland and it was only 5 euro!! And it was my first thrift ever! So I guess I'm off to a good start.

Oh, yes. I recently moved to Finland and I'm loving every second of it! Ask me again in winter, though... :) So the dress...

I was too lazy to edit the photos, so there you go! :D
Oh, the dude in the photos is Cosmo...I guess he will be making more appearences on the blog from now on. At least he's cute... :)

See you soon!