Thursday, November 1, 2012

Autumn colours and funky sky

Hi everyone!
We've had autumn, a bit of winter and then autumn again here in Finland. This is an outfit from last week, that I didn't get to post. I wasn't planning for the apocalyptic sky, but since it was there...enjoy!

Dress - Dranella, Jacket - JPG Jean's by Gaultier, Shoes - New Yorker, Scarf - local brand

I just realized this jacket is by Gaultier...I also have the matching jeans and I believe the entire suit is vintage. I got it from a small shop in Nice, France and loved it at first sight, as it was the perfect size and jeans-corduroy fabric. The lady there was very nice too, the kind that tells you when something does not fit as it should. Can't wait to pay her a visit again!

See you soon with a winter outfit...snow might be involved! :)


  1. That jacket is so stylish, I would love to have it for fall. You look amazing!


  2. Thanks! Where I live it is already too cold for jackets.
    Your visit is always appreciated. :)


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