Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Wake up. Go to work. Work. Have lunch. Worrrrk. Go home. Grab a bite to eat. Stalk pretty blogs. Go to sleep. Repeat.
This is how a typical weekday looks like for me. Now on to what I wear to make it through the day...

This house on my way to work looks abandoned, but I'm not sure it is. Maybe someone lives there, besides would have made a good setting for a Halloween party. :)

Coat - Madelia, Scarf - local shop

Cardigan - TinaR, Dress - Zara, Shoes - Deichmann, Necklace - handmade by zuzflor, via Breslo

Milla was my photographer of the day...thank you so much!
See you all soon!


  1. Hehe, that routine sounds pretty much like my typical weekday, as well! Except insert school into where you have work ;)

    This outfit you're wearing is so truly lovely though...You look beautiful in this bright pink and I need those shoes of yours! xx

  2. The coiffure is GREAT! So 30s!!! So vintage!


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