Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Fun in the snow

Hi everyone! These photos are from a while back when we had the first snow of the season. Since it melted pretty fast, I was waiting for another one to post the be weather appropriate, you know. :) It's been around 5-6 degrees and sunny though, with cloudy days in between. Next snow fall does not look anywhere near, so you might as well see them now.

Coat: Princess, Dress: shop in Nice, FR, Boots: Leonardo, Gloves: RO local brand, Jewelry set: gift from goddaughter

Snowballs in the air!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend Snapshots - Pop-up restaurant

Ever heard of Restaurant Day? It's a day when you can open your own restaurant at home, in a park, on the beach or anywhere it is allowed. It happens worldwide on specific days. You can see more details here and here. I was lucky enough to go to one of the pop-up restaurants this week-end and it was so much fun! It is called Trattoria Alberto and it happened in someone's (rather large and nice) house. It seated 25 people in 2 rounds and the food was extremely good!

1. Freshly made focaccia
2. Focaccia and red wine
3. Pasta carbonara
4. A quick peek in the kitchen
5. Pesce e gnocchi
6. Frutta con formaggio

Buon appetito!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Autumn colours and funky sky

Hi everyone!
We've had autumn, a bit of winter and then autumn again here in Finland. This is an outfit from last week, that I didn't get to post. I wasn't planning for the apocalyptic sky, but since it was there...enjoy!

Dress - Dranella, Jacket - JPG Jean's by Gaultier, Shoes - New Yorker, Scarf - local brand

I just realized this jacket is by Gaultier...I also have the matching jeans and I believe the entire suit is vintage. I got it from a small shop in Nice, France and loved it at first sight, as it was the perfect size and jeans-corduroy fabric. The lady there was very nice too, the kind that tells you when something does not fit as it should. Can't wait to pay her a visit again!

See you soon with a winter outfit...snow might be involved! :)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Going to the ball

Hi everyone!
Today I finally managed to take some pictures of the "Audrey" dress. I found it at a thrift fair in Salo, Finland and it was only 5 euro!! And it was my first thrift ever! So I guess I'm off to a good start.

Oh, yes. I recently moved to Finland and I'm loving every second of it! Ask me again in winter, though... :) So the dress...

I was too lazy to edit the photos, so there you go! :D
Oh, the dude in the photos is Cosmo...I guess he will be making more appearences on the blog from now on. At least he's cute... :)

See you soon!

Monday, October 1, 2012

I'm aliiive!

...and kicking in a new dress!

Remember the dress Audrey Hepburn wore in Sabrina? It's nothing like it! It's a little bit like it... :)

This is Sabrina:

Photo from

Tomorrow I'll post a picture of my dress, hopefully on. :)

See you soon!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sailor missing the water

Hi everyone,

It was unbearably hot today, so I didn't even leave the house. Good thing I've got a new Android phone and lots of apps to keep me entertained. :)

Here is an outfit from last week:

Top: New Look, Skirt: H&M, Flats: Leonardo, Jewelry: gift from Mica

Thursday, July 12, 2012

You are going to love this!!!

Hi everyone!

This is going to be a picture heavy post...I can feel it... :)) But only because I have a lot of cool shots from the photo shoot.

I have decided that Milla should come in front of the lens, instead of always being the photographer. We also took along our friend Anca, who is also very pretty (like Milla), she just doesn't know it yet...:)) Maybe you can help. ;)

For this shoot all three of us were models and photographers, because we are THAT talented. And you haven't seen anything yet! :P


Milla...She's a great friend and I love her...a looot! :) We are high school friends and have been close ever since... even closer than high school actually. :)

Anca..she's a rare bird, in the best way. :) A very interesting person...we've known each other since college and I'm glad we're still close. Working together helps too. :P

Can you tell we had fun? No?!! I have more pics... :))

See ya! :)